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Helping Keep Your Body in Balance

General Research Laboratories is proud to be reaching its 80th Anniversary. We provide nutritional supplements of the highest quality, from formulation to finished product. We manufacture all of our own tablets, powders, liquids and capsules to control the quality from the raw material stage, through the manufacturing and to finished product. In house manufacturing guarantees our research is put into practical application through our product line.

Through this website we bring the public our specialty formulated products, which have historically only been available through Medical Doctors, Homeopaths, and Chiropractic offices, a testament to the quality and purity of our products. A select few specialty health food and drug stores have also carried our product line. Our customers are loyal to GRL, Inc. because our products meet their nutritional requirements.

Historically, the founder of General Research Laboratories, Inc. helped develop the “K” RATION that was used in WW II to provide nutrition to our fighting men and women. More than 200 papers authored by General Research Laboratories’ scientists have been published or commented upon, in leading journals such as; Journal of the American Medical Association, Archives of Biochemistry, Journal of Nutrition, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Endocrinology, and others. In the field of nutrition which these experiments cover, we believe we can speak with authority, for we have made accepted and recognized contributions to the knowledge of nutrition which can be applied by a clinician for the betterment of mankind.

Much of this research has been done under grants from government agencies, including the Quartermaster General-Food and Container Institute of the Armed Forces, Office of Naval Research, the Atomic Energy Commission and NASA.
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