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General Research Laboratories, Inc.
is a trusted nutritional supplement manufacturer. We have been in business since 1928. All of our products are completely manufactured and packaged at our facility in Simi Valley, California. We currently manufacture our own product line and have several contract manufacturing clients. If you are interested in manufacturing your own nutritional supplements, please send us an email to [email protected] or call 800-421-1856
Order Minimums
Tablets: 50,000 tablets
Capsules: 10,000 capsules
Liquids: 200 gallons
Powders: please contact us for minimum order amounts
** If you have a special project that does not meet our minimum order requirements, please contact us to discuss your project further.
Our manufacturing pricing is based on many factors including basics, such as, raw materials ordering, receiving, weighing, equipment preparation, etc.

Special Services

Assistance reviewing formulations and preparing labeling is provided, for an additional time based fee.


All products can be packaged and labeled to meet your complete manufacturing needs.